Count On Me Team

Meet the Count on Me 2014-2015 Team

Manhei Lee - Program Manager Manhei Lee – Program Manager

 Rafaela Tam - Curriculum Manager  Rafaela Tam – Curriculum Manager

Chris Dang - Internal Manager Chris Dang – Internal Manager

Khayla Almonte-Davila - Marketing Manager / Workshop Presenter Khayla Almonte-Davila – Marketing Manager

Jeffery Wu - External Manager Jeffery Wu – External Manager

Robbie Sebullen - Graphic Designer Robbie Sebullen – Graphic Designer

COM-headshots-6 Christy Lam – Workshop Presenter

Mavis Lum - Workshop Presenter Mavis Lum – Workshop Presenter

Thomas Bogucki - Workshop Presenter Thomas Bogucki – Workshop Presenter

Imre Mihalik - Workshop Presenter  Imre Mihalik – Workshop Presenter


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