Frugal Living


Sometimes being frugal requires us to sacrifice fun for the bare minimum – but it doesn’t have to be that way! Believe it or not, you can enjoy fun and free activities on a budget. Here’s how:

1. Eating out

Buy groceries on sale: You can find seasonal vegetables and fruits at lower prices so look out for the mangoes and broccoli in March!

Make your own lunch: You could be saving $5 each day or $100-$150 each month! Most workplaces and schools will have a microwave or kitchen to reheat your delicious and healthy lunch.

Drink tea instead of coffee: Both have caffeine, but tea is much cheaper than your usual $5 Starbucks drink. If you feel like cutting back some more, use your own tea bags and bring a mug or tumbler for hot water.

2. Weekend fun

Invest in the Entertainment Book: There are some great deals to Vancouver’s favorite restaurants and spots. As well you can check out new places at discounted prices.

Borrow a book: For a quiet weekend, enjoy a book or movie from the library. You can always find the latest reads and all type of genres there.

3. Shopping

Use coupons: Browse the internet, magazines and newspapers for sales because a dollar here and there can amount to a lot more. Take for example the popular show, Extreme Couponing!

Reuse: Be creative and turn shoe boxes into storage containers!

Do it yourself: Half the fun is making it! Look up projects like redecorating or cooking online and do it yourself for less money and a lot more fun.

Frugal living is about being creative with what you already have. What are your resourceful tips or ideas?


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